BioSwim participated in the International Swimming Pond Congress

October 12, 2021.

BioSwim participated in the International Swimming Pond Congress organised by International Organization for natural bathing waters (IOB) in October, 2021.

A three day congress took place in Albufeira, Portugal and was dedicated to international standardisation of quality and safety of biological swimming ponds and natural pools.

This may be achieved throughout effective collaboration between regulating authorities and national administration. Primary objective of the organisation is formulation of policies and laws concerning bathing in naturally treated  water.

Covered Agenda Topics: 

  1. Defining biological filtration treatment 
  2. Preplanning process requirements 
  3. Building and construction regulations 
  4. Requirements for sealing and isolation 
  5. Defining environmentally friendly material 
  6. Requirement  to use regionally cultivated plants 
  7. Mandatory water testing requirements 
  8. Advanced technology & equipment for NSP’s 

As of today IOB consists out of 12 European national associations and over 600 private organisations and individuals, making it an important coordinator within the industry. 

Intention of BioSwim is to become an official member of the IOB by 2023. Prior to this BioSwim will meet with national authorities of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland to discuss the need to define basic regulations for natural pools and swimming ponds.