Build your private oasis resort in your backyard.

February 8, 2022.

Ever thought how to bring the mountain lake resort to your doorsteps without leaving your home?

We know how!

Discover now, how to create mountain lake resort in your own backyard:

  • Enjoy beautiful and natural scenery
  • Enjoy your time in a crystal-clear waters (without a single drop of chlorine, chemicals or UV Lamps)
  • Keep yourself in shape with pure water morning swim
  • And more…

Perhaps we cannot place the mountain Alps into your backyard, but we can surely bring refreshing mountain breeze and the purity of water using well proven state of the art technology. Imagine:

  • Natural landscape and design, using natural materials
  • Natural pool with a crystal-clear waters (NO chlorine, chemicals, or UV lamps)
  • Landscape with cascades and waterfalls
  • Water plant zones
  • Cost efficiency and very limited service maitenance

All of this and even more can be brough to your home.

Your fantasy is your only limit...

Over 30 000 natural pools and ponds already constructed world wide using our technology and people are delighted with their choice!

You can find out more about natural pools and ponds on our page here

We will be happy to give you a free consultation, to make sure that your dreams become reality!