Offer of the season: modular swimming pool in 10 days!

June 30, 2021.

Our seasonal campaign for late birds, it is never too late to order your natural pool or swimming pond. Our state-of-the-art biological filtration system and prefabricated composite material shell will be installed within 10 working days.

Product description:

  1. Size 4x7=28 m2 
  2. Children friendly 
  3. Biological filtration system ( Chemical & Chlorine free water) 
  4. Neon lighting 
  5. Walkable pool steps 
  6. Different shapes available
  7. Free maintenance service for the first year  
  8. Five year warranty!!! 

Advantages of such product:

  1. Cost effective solution 
  2. Fast construction time 
  3. Easy maintenance service
  4. Possibility to use all year around