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Ever wondered how to bring an energy efficient mountain lake resort to your doorsteps?

Below you will find out how to turn your backyard into a natural paradise!

Dear friend,
You must have had days when you were extremely tired and all you wanted to do was run away into nature or visit an exotic pool resort to stay there for an eternity…
You say: to do this, one must find time and resources to travel to such a destination...? The answer is “NO, NOT ANYMORE.”
Today, you can create these fabulous feelings in your own backyard, adapting your backyard TO YOUR OWN NEEDS & WISHES.

NOTE! This is NOT a story about a quickly dug out pit, that we later fill with water and name it “the Paradise Pond”. Project quality and an enjoyable pool requires respective time and resources.
Your dream yard, your sanctuary!
Are you still here? Then let the story begin…. 

At some point in life, all of us come to the wish to run away for a good quality rest – grill some barbeques with friends while the sauna is heating up… Play ball in a spare moment, while your wife is taking a sunbath laying next to a cost effective natural pool. Even though this may sound like a fairytale, it is not unrealistic!

That is exactly why we want to give everyone a chance to enjoy their free time in their own fairytale.

The 1st step is just to imagine!


as clean as the natural lakes in the Alps!

You probably know how chlorine water irritates your skin and eyes. This is something you should not associate with modern swimming pools and technology!
We’re saying with confidence:
Chemicals and UV Lamps are NOT needed to keep the swimming pool water clean.
Today, with modern technology it is possible to build an all-natural biological swimming pool, where one of the final tests for purity is to drink a glass of pool water! 

Yes, we’re exactly that confident about the purity of our water!

That said, we can assure you that there is no reason to worry about chlorine-caused irritations and chlorine smells!
What is behind pure and crystal-clear water?
Generally, the secret is hidden in a pool filtration system and recirculation of water that has been proven for years in western Europe, North America, and Australia! Unlike classical chlorine pools, natural pools will reduce your electricity bill at least 40%!
How is it kept clean?
A specially adapted cost-effective filtration and pump system is pumping water through filters and regeneration zones. The water is continuously circulating through specialized filters and specially adapted microflora of water plants. The purity of water is regulated with correct microfloral balance.

NOTE: We will be glad to show you even more facts about the uniqueness of the system during our personal consultation!
The design is adapted with natural forms, materials and water plants to fully support its ideology of being naturally friendly and green.
Some of examples:
The design, size and materials are fully adjustable to your yard and your house facade.
Keep your pool clean without any worry!
Yes, cleaning the pool is important.
Even though the construction of the natural pool can come out a little more expensive than classic chlorine pool, its service is noticeably more favorable!
In general, it needs only 3 services per year:
Seasonal opening
One service during mid seasons
Pool “conservation”, preparation for winter
Of course, depending on personal preferences, you can do extra services anytime. 
Additional services can even be automated!
In the modern world we’re used to smart AI doing things for us. As a convenient solution for pool cleaning, there are specialized pool robots that will crawl along the pool surfaces collecting all the dirt and sediments!
Hence you won’t have to worry about pool service difficulty or its awkwardness.
No risk: 5-year warranty
Even though, taking into consideration all the complexity of the technology - the technology has been optimized to maximal simplicity to avoid undesired technical problems and most importantly keep electrical consumption to a minimum. 
At the correct use, and when following the guidelines – we issue a  5-year warranty  on all filtration systems. We’ll fix and cover any system failures.
Build exactly the way you want it!
Choosing the design of a pool is exactly like choosing a car. Luxury class cars with all the extras will have one price range, while economical family vans will have completely different prices.

Every pool is adapted for individual needs and most importantly the budget.
pool design sketch
Let your fantasies go wild!
The size according to your desires
Infinite choice of the shapes
Natural materials
Waterfalls and cascades
Beach zones
Jumping trampolines
Decorative water plants
Pool heating
Anything you can imagine!
All of this we will discuss in our free consultation!


Where and how can I find out more?
We have so much to tell, that we cannot fit everything in 1 page, but we would love to arrange a personal consultation to find the perfect solution for you! If you like the idea of a crystal-clear natural pool, we would love to contact you.

Free consultation

We offer a 90min. free consultation in person, so you can ensure the relevance of the project to your desires.
Free consultation value
Project and spot analysis
Natural pool type and design recommendation
Filtration system recommendation based on the exploitation type
Additional pool elements (fountains, cascades, etc.)
Additional landscape design elements (terraces, plants, etc.)

Free project visualization

We’re professionals of our craft and we’re offering you a free project visualization, so that you can be sure that this project will live up to all expectations.
Free visualization value
Project sketch
Project 3D visualization

Offer is ending soon!

NOTICE! For the purpose of good work flow work, this offer is valid only limited time. Hence, we invite you to act in a timely manner, until march 31st of 2022, mentioning your source (facebook, video, friends, etc.).
Build your personal dream oasis! 
To arrange a free consultation with our specialist, please fill the form below. We’ll provide a full-fledged natural pool consultation. 
Clear all the questions and do a project visualization.
Water as pure as Alpine lake water
Unique and personalised pool design
Increase real-estate value by up to 10%
No risk: 5 year warranty
Free 90min consultation with spot analysis (Value 125€)
FREE project 3d visualization (Value 249€)
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What is BioSwim?
BioSwim is a licensed representative of the German organization BioNova. Within the BioNova family, more than 30 000 natural pools have been built world-wide. 
Every project is created with a unique and personal solution, that includes everything from evaluation of the building place, project plan and 3d visualization, up to the final construction, where you can immediately start to enjoy the relaxing sensation of nature.
P.S. Thank you for showing your interest! We would love to build a personal fantasy oasis for each and every family and we truly believe that the natural pool is a one small step towards a greener planet.

P.P.S As a small reminder, the pre-season offer is valid only until March 31st of 2022.
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