It’s time for Energy Efficient Pools!

March 4, 2022.

With the continuous rise of energy costs BioSwim Engineering has taken serious steps to make sure that it’s  customers use most efficient equipment available on the market. 

It is not a secret that owning your private pool may costly. Unfortunately, many new pool owners get caught by unwelcome surprise resulting from augmented utility bills... 

New technologies available on the market can significantly reduce those costs. In fact more and more pool owners prefer to reconstruct traditional chlorine pools into natural bio, as the utility cost of natural pool or swimming pond is on average 40% less if compared to traditional pools. 

Some tips from BioSwim Engineering:

💧 Before construction ask your pool provider for engineering assessment and expected utility costs. (Expected consumption of electricity or gas) 

💧 Size and shape matters!

💧 Use larger filters, which requires less electricity and has longer life cycle expectancy. 

💧 Apply wind breaks and pool covers as much as possible, it can save up to 50% of your pool heating energy. 

💧 Consider installing variable speed pumps. Let the pump run only when it is needed. Forget about single speed pumps!

💧 Apply smart hydraulic systems to get maximum efficiency out of your pumps. The list common problem is miscalculation of hydraulic systems: over pressure; lack of pressure and incorrect flows. 

💧 Finally, consider going all natural! Apart of being more cost efficient by saving your money on chlorine chemicals and excessive electrical pumps, people actually love to swim in fresh Cristal clear waters! 

PS. Automation can provide significant support in pool management. However, construction and design of your pool play vital role in successful and cost effective operations of your pool!  As an example: A dark collared pool will naturally absorb more  of suns heat thus reducing your heating costs with the help of Mother Nature!  

To find out more how to optimise your utility costs please contact BioSwim Engineering siit