Building of ponds from project to realisation.

The main specialisation of “BioSwim” is the construction of natural ponds. Over the course of 10 years we have built more than 50 ponds.

Decorative Ponds

Do you wish to decorate your site with a small pond with a water garden, water lilies and a waterfall? Decorative pond is the perfect solution to decorate a modest size area. We will develop and adapt a decorative pond for the existing landscape of your site, and build it in timely manner.
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Swimming Ponds

Swimming pond is the perfect alternative to traditional expensive pools. Swimming ponds most distinctive features are ecologically clean water and low maintenance and service costs.
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Fish Ponds

Have you thought about a pond with koi carps on your site? We have multitude solutions for creating such ponds with different filtration systems.
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Photos of ponds and pools built by us

How do we filter the water?

Clean water is the most important criteria for a reservoir. It’s a great failure when the water is green, dirty and smells, regardless of the design. In the
ponds we build, the main attention is paid to the purity and clarity of the water.
For swimming ponds, we exclusively use biological filtration. Biological filtration meets all vital requirements for a swimming pond. Biofiltration is
the official technology of the world leader in the construction of ponds “BioNova”.
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Swimming pond should have the following water clarity:

Why do we use biofiltration in our ponds?

Safe and secure technology
Environmental friendliness
Guaranteed water purity
Economic and lack of consumables

The system of reservoirs

Scheme of the reservoirs with biological filtration on the example of a biopool.

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How much does the pond cost?

For an accurate pool cost calculation, please contact us by phone and we will make the necessary calculations for the construction of the pond with a full list of work and materials absolutely free of charge.

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