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BioSwim is an official member of BioNova Group, a world leader in construction and design of natural water pools and swimming ponds around the globe. With over 30 years of experience BioNova provides innovative technology and cost-effective solutions to its customers.


Our team specializes in biological & mechanical cleaning technology which allows our customers to enjoy swimming in fresh, chlorine-free water. We offer:
Cost-effective Modular Pools & Ponds
Natural Swimming Ponds & Pools
Reconstruction of Pools into Bio
Terraces & Decks
Artificial Lakes & Residential Water Parks
Winter Gardens & Pool Covers
Aquatic Plants
Cleaning Service


A world-class training and innovative technology allow us to conclude projects beyond any possible imagination. Our technology offers:
Clear & fresh water
Algae free ecosystem
Chlorine free ecosystem
Automated cleaning technology
Cost-effective maintenance service
Endless landscaping design

bioswim news

See you in Riga & Helsinki! 
March 4, 2022
Bioswim will participate at exhibitions in Riga & Helsinki this spring
It’s time for Energy Efficient Pools!
March 4, 2022
Did you know that utility costs of natural pool or swimming pond can be 40% less if compared to traditional pools?
Build your private oasis resort in your backyard.
February 8, 2022
Ever thought how to bring the mountain lake resort to your doorsteps without leaving your home?
BioSwim is constructing a public natural pool in Latvia.
October 12, 2021
First public natural pool in the Baltic states.
Organisational development of BioSwim
October 12, 2021
Bioswim welcomes a new member of the board.
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I have my own construction team, can you guide us through?
Absolutely, we can provide detailed planning with step-by-step instructions guide. Our technical specialists can provide consultations online or secure onsite supervision. Detailed planning will include hydraulic system, recirculation, limnology, heating options and material lists. You will also receive special discounts from our material suppliers.
Can you provide cost effective solutions?
Absolutely, we specialise in modular eco systems. Our standard modular pool is 4m x 7m = 28m2. Another advantage of modular pool is that it can be constructed within 10 working days.
Do you provide any warranty?
Absolutely, we provide 5 years of warranty for the systems, materials, and equipment that we use. This means that our customer is well protected.
How frequent is the service and cleaning of natural pool or pond?
There are only 3 mandatory service checks per year. Due to simplicity of the system our customers can easily manage these services themselves. And the good news, your first year of service is free of charge.
Can you provide cleaning treatment of my backyard pond?
Absolutely, we have professional team that can remove algae weeds, clear the water and even remove silt and mud from the bottom. We have it all, state of the art cleaning robots and silt suction pumps. If needed we can also perform deep water services with our scuba diver.
Is it possible to construct natural pool indoors?
Absolutely, natural pools can be constructed indoors using compact biological filters. You will not see the difference between chlorine pool and biological pool until you start swimming in a fresh water. .
Can I reconstruct my chlorine pool into bio?
Absolutely, most of the chlorine pools can be easily reconstructed. Our bio system allows quick and cost-effective reconstruction.
Is it expensive to build natural pool?
The construction cost of natural swimming pond or pool can be slightly higher than the price of chlorine pool. At the same time customer will save the costs on the cleaning and service programs, as natural pools require much less services.
Is it possible to use natural pools in winter?
Absolutely, we have cost-effective solutions for every customer, heat inverters, heating pumps and even solar energy options. Our equipment has been tested in low freezing temperatures.
How does biological system work?
Natural pool is an ecological system that consists out of regeneration zone, identical to what is found in fresh water sources in Nature containing plants and organisms of various kinds, all of which have a role to play. So swimming in a biological pool is identical to swimming in fresh water such as lakes, rivers.
Is it possible to construct natural pool without regeneration zone and water plants?
Absolutely, we have compact filter systems that are small and efficient, they replace regeneration zone and water plants.
Is there a size limit of the pool?
There are practically no limits, it is possible to construct residential water parks and even artificial lakes, however the bigger size the more expensive the project can become.
What designs do you provide?
Our designer always respects the customer views. We make sure that our customer is 100% satisfied before we proceed with the construction. We try to use as much natural materials as possible (natural stones, rocks, gravel, wooden decks, etc.)
Do you provide any other services or materials?
We are professional winter garden and terrace builders. Should there be a need to cover your pool or build a nice wooden deck around it. Our team is mobile and can travel to any remote destination if needed.